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asmag.com | Sept. 18, 2017 | Prasanth Aby Thomas

Security systems have traditionally been most useful after an incident occurred. This began to change with the arrival of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)-based analytics. The power of AI has enabled security agencies to detect issues as and when they develop and take steps to control before the situation gets out of hand.

But even this may not be enough to provide a comprehensive security system. It is good to know when a crime happens, but unless there is a clear idea of the risks involved, users cannot remain fully prepared for a problem.

This is where the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Circadian Risk’s solutions become relevant. The company creates software for security/safety consultants and professionals to help them analyze risk on a daily basis at a company building. The platform helps companies understand their risk of a threat, fire, an active shooter scenario and similar other adverse scenarios.

Speaking to asmag.com, Daniel Young, Founder and CEO of the company, explained that since risk is dynamic, Circadian Risk creates the tools necessary to collect and continuously analyze data using technologies like machine learning and data mining.

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