5 tips to get the most out of GSX 2021

By Daniel Young | August 25, 2021 | 4 min read
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Are you going to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in September? If not, you should be. There is no better way to keep abreast of all the new innovation and technology in the security industry than by walking the exhibition floor, testing products, and networking with your fellow security professionals.

GSX 2021, which will be held from Sept. 27-29 this year in Orlando, Fla, is the security industry’s biggest, and most long-running trade show, bringing together tens of thousands of professionals from across the security industry.

Although the pandemic is once again gathering steam, this year’s event is still planned as an in-person conference and will be the first live GSX since 2019; last year’s event took place online – our CEO Michael Martin presented a virtual seminar on scenario-based events. This year, we’ll be presenting as well: Michael and I will present Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis: The Digital Transformation into Dynamic Risk Analysis Data on Monday, Sept. 27. We’ll be discussing digital collection of risk assessment information and how it’s revolutionizing risk analysis.

What are we most excited about GSX 2021?

While last year’s event was excellent, we're most excited (despite COVID) about the part that wasn’t possible online: the GSX‘s exhibition, which allows you to see and interact with some of the newest and most exciting innovations in physical security.

In 2021, there was a netted off area of the floor specifically for drones. Drones have been a big part of the first responder sector — helping firefighters lift hoses to high windows and lifeguards to get life preservers to swimmers far out from the shore. I’m personally interested to see how drones are assisting with security. I’m also interested in changes in access control, and in camera technology with analytics. Thermal cameras for example, are very important now, post-pandemic.

How to get the most out of GSX

GSX is a huge event, and it can be overwhelming for first-time conference-goers. So, if you’re planning to head to Orlando this September, here are my five top tips for getting the most out of the GSX exhibition floor.

  1. Know who is going to be there

With so many exhibitors, it can be hard to know which booth to visit first. There are huge companies with prominent booths, but make time to research the smaller startups. That’s often where you’ll find the most interesting innovations. Fortunately, the conference makes it easy for you to prepare for the event well in advance, offering an interactive map of the exhibit hall, and a list of exhibitors. It’s a valuable resource. Check the exhibitors list now so you know who is going to be there, and use the map so you know exactly where they are when you walk in the door.

2. Start networking ahead of time

GSX is an exciting event, but it can also be overwhelming. It’s probably not the best time to make first contact with a person or a company you want to meet. The time to start networking is now, before the conference. This is particularly important because the most cutting-edge companies are very busy at GSX (and just before). If you wait, you may not get an appointment. Reach out now and schedule a meeting.

3. Dress for comfort and safety

GSX is a huge event and you’re likely to be on your feet for the better part of three days. You’ll want to look professional but you’ll also want to be comfortable. Wear clothes you’ll be comfortable in and shoes you don’t mind standing in for long periods of time.

Also, be aware that the COVID-19 pandemic and the prevalence of the Delta variant means that health and safety restrictions will be top of mind at GSX; masking is required, as are health attestations and social distancing. You can find more information here; keep checking back as regulations are changing.

4. Bring your charger

You’re going to be networking, making notes and taking pictures at GSX, so you’ll want your phone to be as charged as possible. Vendors know this and many of their booths are equipped with charging stations. But you can’t take advantage of a charging station if you don’t have your charger, so definitely remember to bring it with you to the exhibit hall floor.

5. Plan to stay all 3 days

Some people try to do GSX in one day, but even if you’re only interested in one or two vendors, that’s a mistake. There’s more to GSX than the exhibition. There are also events, parties and opportunities for networking.

Take the opportunity to build relationships and network with the attendees — tens of thousands of members of the security industry come to this event annually. If you’re not networking and improving your knowledge base, you’re missing out on the best resources we have in the industry.

Meet up with Circadian Risk

We’ll be at GSX 2021, too! We would love to meet up with you. Then we can be sure to connect in September.

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