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Analyzing Risk for Hundreds of Sites? A Look at our Aggregate Feature

March 26, 2020 | 1 min read
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Imagine you’re trying to analyze the risk of a major healthcare organization. The organization has more than 200 sites, some of which have emergency rooms. Your objective is to find out which ERs need security remediations and what those remediations will cost. If you’re using paper-based risk reporting, that’s an enormous task. You’ll have to find all the paper reports for each building with an ER, read them all, and make lists of the necessary remediations and their costs. Some of the reports might be lost. Some might be incomplete. Overwhelmed by the amount of work, you may find yourself making mistakes, and mistakes can set your project back. If you’re trying to manage the risk of an organization with hundreds or thousands of sites, paper based reporting like this is simply not feasible. That’s why we introduced an aggregate feature in our dashboard. How can you do 100 risk assessments in 30 days? Let us show you.

What is the aggregate feature?

Our platform aggregates the data from all your assessments into a single dashboard. Then we let you filter the dashboard into specifics: you might filter results by campus, by site manager, by overdue remediations. We allow our clients to choose the tags they want to use as filters, but they can also request custom filters, depending on how they need to sort their facilities. Let’s take the case of the healthcare organization: they might sort their dashboard by filtering for buildings with ERs and by buildings that need specific remediations. This will allow them to quickly and easily search through the data for specifics that will help them take steps to quickly reduce their overall risk. The aggregate feature also removes some of the human error that comes along with rifling through paper reports, speeds the process of putting together a risk assessment, and will let you break down data along almost any lines immediately. It’s a vital tool when it comes to quickly and easily managing risk. Need a security assessment tool that can aggregate data from multiple buildings? Schedule your personalized demo today

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