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Behind the ASIS Conference Rebrand: GSX 2018

September 13, 2018 | 2 min read
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After a 63-year legacy providing the world’s leading security conference, ASIS International’s Annual Seminar and Exhibits is no longer. The event has been remade and renamed as Global Security Exchange (GSX), with an elevated experience that’s designed to take the annual conference to the next level. And it’s coming to the Las Vegas Convention Center September 23-27.

GSX is all about bringing the full spectrum of security together in one event—both operational and cybersecurity, private and public sectors, allied organizations and partners. The conference experience has been reinvented, as well. You’ll benefit from modernized learning opportunities, better networking events, and a redesigned exhibit floor that gives you an immersive learning environment to explore new ideas and innovations.

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The emphasis at GSX will focus on innovative education for everyone in security—no matter what your sector or experience level. The exhibit hall will provide immersive and interactive learning experiences that address the latest trends in security. “GSX fills the industry's need for a global event that brings together the entire security industry,” ASIS International President Thomas J. Langer, said in an announcement, “to exchange ideas and lessons learned, keep informed of current and emerging risks, and gain exposure to the emerging technologies shaping society and our workplaces.”

Find out more about GSX 2018—check out this preview video.

Ron Rosenbaum, chief global marketing and business development officer at ASIS International, emphasized the importance for security professionals to stay abreast of emerging technologies, new approaches and coming challenges. “GSX will transform the traditional exhibit hall format to provide the industry's most robust and engaging technology and solutions experience,” he said.

The renovated GSX conference experience builds on changes that were introduced at the 2017 ASIS conference, including:

  • Expanded partner's program
  • Revamped education lineup
  • More immersive, contemporary learning experience
  • Enhanced investment in keynote speakers
  • Networking events that bookended the program

This year, GSX will double down on the conference experience. For example:

  • New opportunities to exchange ideas, expand networks and experience innovations
  • Cutting-edge learning methods that showcase emerging products and technologies, such as machine learning, robotics, forensic analysis and artificial intelligence
  • Revitalized networking events that help build relationships and the sharing of best practices with peers from across the globe

More than 20,000 operational and cyber security professionals are expected to attend this year’s GSX event, and 550 exhibitors will be on hand.

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