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Can You Do 100 Risk Assessments in 30 Days? If You Can’t, Let Us Show You How.

October 17, 2019 | 3 min read
100 assessments in 30 days

Imagine your organization has 100 healthcare facilities spread out over three states. The sites comprise a total of 10 million square feet. You need to do risk assessments on all of them, and you need to get the job done in 30 days. Could you do it? How many people would you need? How much would it cost?

Your answer might be that you’d need 80 or even 100 assessors to get the job done. But I what if you can do it with fewer? In fact, I believe you could do it with only 10 assessors and you won’t break the bank. I know because Circadian Risk has done it.

How can you assess buildings more quickly?

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How we assessed 253 facilities in 18 days

A large healthcare organization came to us one year in August. This company had 253 facilities in four states, and needed all of those facilities assessed by qualified assessors by December 21. There was just one problem: we’d signed our contract the first Monday of that month. We had less than 30 days to complete 253 assessments.

We called on our network of assessors, flew 22 of them out to the location on Saturday, trained them for the job on Sunday, and flew them back out on Monday. In the meantime we had experts reviewing the assessment template we’d be using to make sure our assessors were all asking the same questions, and we’re also getting the exact data the client needed.

It was a tricky operation since we were also scheduling our assessments around the Thanksgiving holiday, but we had to get it done by December 21st.

How can you assess more than one building without losing hours of time?

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How you can assess 100 facilities in a month

Massive assessment projects like the one I described above are possible, but they require some planning ahead. If you’re trying to assess a lot of buildings quickly, you need to first have systems in place that allow you to do so. Here are some of the resources that made it possible for our team to complete our assessment project.

A network of experts: If you’re going to take on a project of this size, you need to be able to put together a team quickly. We would not have been able to complete our project in 18 days without our network of qualified assessors. A database allows you to quickly lookup experts by their specialty or geographic area, and it also allows you to show your client a list of the assessors who might be assigned to their project.

Good logistics: When you’re managing a large team, organization is key. You need to know where each team is going, and when. You need to know which facilities they’re assessing, what hotels they’re staying in, and what flights they’re catching. Have a project management system in place before you start assessing and make sure everyone knows how to use it. We used Slack for our project; our teams checked in on Slack and this allowed us to have time-stamped records of everything they did.

Automated tools: If it stresses you out to even think about assessing 100 buildings in a month, that’s probably because assessment can take so much time. Paper-based assessments can take hours longer than they need to: your assessors walk around with a checklist, make notes in the margins, take photos with their phones, and then they have to go back to their hotel rooms and use those notes to write a narrative report, which is even more time-consuming. Circadian Risk’s Vulnerability Assessment Tool cuts down on that time significantly, by allowing assessors to make notes and take pictures right in the app. Their reports are being written by the software in realtime, as they do each assessment. Their findings are then aggregated into one dashboard, which shows the client every security issue the team finds during the assessment.

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