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Compliant, Deficient, Needed - States of Countermeasures with Circadian Risk

By Daniel Young | July 19, 2021 | 2 min read
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A security assessment is about more than securing your assets; it’s also about knowing the state of your countermeasures.

We’ve discussed in a previous blog post, the importance of keeping an inventory of your countermeasures — knowing how many cameras you have, or where exactly your fire extinguishers are. It’s also critical that you understand the states of those items. Are your card readers outdated? Are your cameras all working? What about your fire extinguishers — when was the last time they were inspected?

Circadian Risk now allows you to keep track of the states of your countermeasures as well as knowing where they are, and how many of each you have.

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What are the states of an item?

Circadian risk allows you to categorize your countermeasures into three groups and code them by color and shape so you can see, at a glance on a floor plan or map, what you have, what you don’t have, and what condition your countermeasures are in.

The three states are:

  • Present, compliant
  • Present, deficient
  • Needed

Present, compliant

When an item is present and compliant, it’s there and in good working order. Marked in one specific color on our app, Present-compliant items are working cameras, lights, or any countermeasure that work as they’re supposed to. This is used to show what is going well at a location.

Present, deficient

When an item is present and deficient, it’s there, but not working as it’s supposed to. It might be broken, outdated, or is in some other way not working as it’s meant to. You’ll see at a glance that these items need attention. You can use this information to make a list of action items for remediation.


These are items that you should have, but don’t, such as missing lights, or needed cameras to watch a hotspot. Again, you’ll see at a glance that these items need attention. You can use this information to make a list of action items for remediation.

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Why is an item’s state important?

It’s critical to know if your countermeasures are in place and working at all times; this gives you a baseline of understanding your inventory and your security at each of your facilities.

For example, if every countermeasure is in place and working at each facility, but you’re still experiencing theft or other security issues at each facility, you may have an inside job on your hands. If a specific type of camera is causing problems, that camera brand, make or model may be a vulnerability.

By taking the time to record and monitor the states of your items, you’ll add another layer to your security and keep your organization safe and secure.

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