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Do Security Assessments on Multiple Buildings Without Killing Yourself

September 26, 2018 | 3 min read
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I was on a sales call recently with an international entertainment company. They had just gone through a series of paper-based threat and vulnerability assessments for all of their buildings. In a moment of frustration, he told me, “I have 600 facilities and 600 paper-based reports. What the heck am I going to do with 600 reports?” Assuming each report was 60-80 pages long, that’s as many as 48,000 pages to deal with! They were buried in a noise of information.

When you have multiple facilities, you need a comprehensive snapshot of all your risks and vulnerabilities. A separate narrative report for each building won’t help you figure out how to address issues organization-wide. Instead, you need a software solution that can aggregate all your risk and vulnerability data into one single dashboard.

More and more organizations are realizing the need to aggregate data across their facilities, so they can successfully resolve all of their security issues. Having aggregated data in one dashboard allows you to distill the data, drill down on relevant information, and strategically resolve security risks across all your facilities.

Actionable Data to Reduce Risk

When a company receives paper-based reports for each building, there is no way to make sense of the data, much less take action on it. Instead, the building supervisor typically skims through a few executive summaries and shelves the reports. Nothing happens, no corrective action is taken, and the facility doesn’t reduce their physical security risks or vulnerabilities.

But many companies are discovering Circadian Risk. We have the only security assessment tool that can aggregate data from multiple buildings and present it in a single dashboard.

With Circadian Risk software, you can complete multiple assessments for any number of buildings. The software rolls up all your risks and vulnerabilities into one corrective action plan for your entire organization. View the corrective action plan at an organization-wide level, by campus or by building. You can even drill down to the department level within a building. Filter the data based on priority, by assignee (tasks assigned to specific people) and element/category (for example, cameras, lights or smoke detectors). You can also review issues visually on a floor plan of each facility.

Visibly see what’s going on with all your facilities in one screenshot. You’ll know what remediation activities are being done throughout the organization, and what their status is. Circadian Risk lets you see the status of every single item in any facility, in real time.

Business Benefits of Aggregated Data

Circadian Risk’s aggregate reports don’t just make it easier to improve your physical security—they make business sense, too.

  • Smarter bulk purchasing. Know all the equipment and supplies you need to purchase, across all your buildings. Save money with bulk purchases for all of your facilities rather than one or two at a time.
  • Better budgeting. When you know all your security issues across facilities, you can develop a smarter budget for your security spending at the organizational level.
  • Trend analysis. Aggregate reporting gives you early insights into organization-wide trends. Make more effective strategic decisions.
  • Reduce liabilities. Some security and vulnerability issues take months or even years to fully remediate. What if an event happens before you were able to correct the problem? While paper reports only show there’s a risk, project management shows you’re acting to remove that risk. So if something occurs before you’ve been able to resolve the problem, you can prove that you were in the process of fixing the issue and reduce your liability.

Reduce Risk in Every Building

When my contact at the entertainment company heard about our aggregate reporting, he was impressed. He said, “To be honest with you, Dan, we were considering building our own tool, because we couldn’t find anything that meets our needs. But you guys are checking off a lot of boxes that no one else is.”

One of our customers is a consulting company doing aggregated school assessments for a school district. They’re using Circadian Risk assessment software to show the superintendent how all their school buildings are doing. The aggregated reports have given the school district better bulk purchasing power and powerful knowledge of all their buildings in one dashboard. They are now in the process of remediating their issues district-wide to make their buildings safer.

That’s the kind of actionable difference Circadian Risk can make for your company. Need a security assessment tool that can aggregate data from multiple buildings? See what our risk and vulnerability software can do for your company. Schedule your personalized demo today.

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