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Does Circadian Risk Offer Templates for Different Industries?

September 12, 2019 | 3 min read
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Does Circadian Risk offer different templates for different industries?

This is a question we get from prospective clients often, who may wonder if they need a separate security template for a business in the energy sector, or in finance, for example.

It’s not a question with a yes/no answer, however. The reason: even within the same industry, no two organizations are the same. While we do offer some different templates based on different compliance regulations, guidelines and best practices, we’ve found that — for the most part — most industries don’t need their own assessment checklists.

This isn’t to say that different industries don’t have different security needs. They do. It’s just that different sites have different safety concerns, and most sites need some of the same assessments done.

First let’s take a look at the templates we do offer.

Our templates

  • C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) assessment: C-TPAT is an anti-terrorism security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains. Used primarily by importers, exporters and other carries who want to be C-TPAT certified.
  • Joint Commission Standards: Used to evaluate healthcare organizations, the Joint Commission standards focus on patient care and safety. These standards also change frequently.
  • Active shooter in business: This template doesn’t serve a specific industry, but a security situation. It includes a series of best practices intended to keep your employees and assets safe from active shooters.
  • Baseline security checklist: This is our general security template. It can be customized to serve the needs of any business, industry or site.
  • And more to come!

How can your company prepare for an active shooter? Learn best practices here.

Why most industries don’t need a special template (but individual sites do)

Most sites, regardless of industry, have the same kinds of security needs.

Doors are, for example, the same at any building. They don’t change from one industry to another; there is no difference between a healthcare door and a financial door. An exposed hinge is just as big a risk at a hospital as it is at a bank. However, since risk is both probability and severity, higher risk buildings may need better security, which in this example can be stronger doors, better door locks, etc.

While industries have more or less the same security needs, the needs of each individual site vary widely.

Some sites may have specialized concerns — sites with childcare facilities may take specialized precautions to keep children from being abducted, for example. Other sites may show different appetites for risk: a power plant may use barbed wire on its perimeter to keep people out while a storefront may accept risk in order to invite people in.

Because every site is unique, Circadian Risk customizes our baseline template for your sites’ specific needs.

How to do risk assessments for multiple sites: learn more here

How we customize your template

Because clients know their security issues best, when we customize a template, we always start by talking to them. We pinpoint their top security issue and structure our assessment template around that.

Our team will spend time building that specific template, sometimes working with a subject matter expert. As a team, we’ll brainstorm our client’s security scenario and build the questionnaire around that. Then we send the assessment to the client for review.

Every client has a unique security concern — sometimes clients want guard force evaluations, sometimes their concerns are operational, or related to a specific facility. The best way to keep our clients safe is to tailor our product to their needs. Your business is no exception. You have your own security concerns. Contact Circadian Risk today for your personalized risk assessment template.

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