GSX 2022: Robotics, Data and Security Personnel

By Daniel Young | September 22, 2022 | 2 min read
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This year’s Global Security Exchange is behind us, and now that we’re back from Atlanta, we have a lot to think about when it comes to innovations in the security industry.

GSX 2022, held from Sept. 12-14 this year in Atlanta, Ga., is the security industry’s biggest and longest-running trade show, bringing together tens of thousands of professionals from across the security industry.

This year’s conference was an exciting one. Not only were more attendees at this year’s conference, but security professionals are starting to use technology to come up with solutions to problems that have existed for a long time.

What did we see at GSX?

The security industry is clearly in the middle of a change. In the past, technology wasn’t always embraced as a solution to specific security challenges. This year, we saw that this is no longer the case. The exhibition floor was full of innovative solutions, all of which rely on technology.

1. Robotics: Robotics took center stage at this year’s GSX. We saw several different kinds of security robots, including humanized robots and dogs, as well as vehicles and drones. Organizations are finally realizing that they can effectively augment their guard forces by incorporating robotics, and many companies are working to meet that demand.

2. Integrators: The amount of technology being introduced into security means that security leaders are in danger of being overwhelmed with data. Almost every device we saw at GSX produces analytics. Integrators are moving into the space, pulling all that information into one system, and offering more analysis of the data those devices provide.

3. Intelligence-based systems and analytics: Data and analytics are increasingly important in the industry. GSX saw several intelligence-based solutions that help companies make decisions to mitigate risk and prepare for incidents.

4. Cybersecurity: Cybersecurity was at the forefront of GSX this year, thanks to the increasing need to protect organizations from data breaches, as well as the need to understand risk from a data and analytics point of view. In fact, CyberCon hosted the second annual Cybersecurity Arena on the exhibition floor at GSX.

Security personnel is on everyone’s minds

Despite the emphasis on technology, one common theme at GSX this year had to do with security hires. There seem to be several new hires in security who are coming from the law enforcement and military sectors, and there was discussion about that transition.

The large manguarding companies were concerned with personnel. All of them seem to be trying to differentiate their offerings. Some of that differentiation had to do with the caliber of the guards themselves, while others are moving into GSOC creation.

All in all, it was a great event that saw an interest in security and safety from many different kinds of companies of all sizes, and we look forward to next year’s event in Dallas next year.

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