Here’s Your Chance to Do Groundbreaking Work to Keep Schools Safe

September 5, 2017 | 2 min read
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Until now, it was impossible to tell if we’re doing enough to reduce threats and hazards in our schools. But Circadian Risk is introducing a program to give every state a complete understanding of the risks facing its schools—and a tool to mitigate specific areas of concern.

Every year, school districts spend enormous energy and money to keep students safe. Facilities install security equipment. Teachers and staff receive active-shooter training. National studies track school violence. Classrooms practice tornado and fire drills. But how effective are those efforts to reduce vulnerability on a school-by-school basis?

States don’t have any data that reveals their own schools’ risks and vulnerabilities. There is no way to see which schools are most vulnerable to in-school violence, or which ones are most prepared for natural hazards.

Until now, we couldn’t understand how to decrease the probability of an incident on school grounds or reduce its severity. But we’re inviting you to be on the ground floor of a program that will change that.

A Groundbreaking Program to Keep Schools Safe

Circadian Risk is providing, free of charge, our vulnerability assessment software to security professionals who assess K-12 schools. Our vulnerability and threat assessment software makes it possible to identify patterns that precede incidents and dramatically diminish their impact. By collecting the same set of data across state school districts, we can aggregate the data into one comprehensive report, to help your state gain better insights into the risk at their schools.

State governments are jumping onboard the program. “I...endorse Circadian Risk to use its security vulnerability assessment and risk analysis software to assess the State of Michigan K–12 schools and buildings,” said Michigan State Representative Tom Cochran. “Over the past 10 years, schools have been highly targeted by individuals with intentions to do harm to students and faculty, and the risk is growing. With the lack of security, response, and planning measures, our schools are very soft targets.To better protect the assets that matter most to us, we need to better understand the growing problem.”

Who Is Eligible?

We’ll donate our assessment tool to any security professional, consultant, or law enforcement agent who performs threat and vulnerability assessments for K-12 schools—a value of over $1100 per year. Free training is included, and you will have complete access to all of your assessment data.

What You’ll Get

Understanding a problem is the first step to reducing any type of risk. This program will produce history-making benefits for you and your state, including:

  • Better planning from a generalized perspective. For example, you’ll have access to complete data to develop better emergency plans, including an active shooter plan that all schools can benefit from.
  • Sharing data across school systems will also provide brainstorming opportunities and communication within your state.
  • Corrective action recommendations to meaningfully improve every school that gets assessed.
  • Cost benefit analysis—place bulk orders for new equipment at the state level to get a bigger bang for the buck.

We can also assist you in finding funding for improvement purchases. We have funding partnerships with nonprofits and businesses to help make facility improvements based on the assessment recommendations.

How to Get Started

This program is open to any security professional who performs physical vulnerability assessments for K-12 schools. The school and the local police department need to sign up for the program. Each school can specify a professional to work with, or we can match consultants.

Help your state keep its schools safe at a level that was never possible before. Contact us today to get started!

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