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How To Cut Down the Time You’re Spending on Risk Assessments

August 13, 2019 | 3 min read
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Imagine you’re doing a risk inspection in a building with 100 doors, using a paper checklist. One of the questions you have to answer is a simple one:

Is each door unlocked when it’s not in use?

On your rounds, you find 30 unlocked doors.

How will you document them? You might take photos of the unlocked doors with your phone, and make notes on a notepad, or in the margins of your checklist, about the location of those doors, planning to match the notes to the photos when you write up your report later.

While this might seem like a workable system, the question about the unlocked doors is only one question in a series of questions about the doors: are the doors propped? Do they have sensors? Can they be removed from their hinges? Those are just the doors. You also have to document other countermeasures, including cameras and security guards.

When you sit down to write your report, how long do you think it will take?

How can you assess more than one building without losing hours of time?

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The cost (in hours) of a security assessment report

For every hour a security professional performs an inspection, they’ll likely spend 4 to 6 hours writing up their report, even if they were working from a template.

Take the example of the 30 unlocked doors. To write that report, you have to read through your notes, describe the locations and state of the 30 unlocked doors, and your recommendations for each. You’ll also have to crop, export, and place all the photos you took with your phone in the report. This is time-consuming, tedious work, and — if you’re matching hastily-scribbled notes to photos and a checklist – there’s also a huge potential for error.

When reports take such a long time to put together, sometimes that’s as far as a consultant is able to go. They’ve done the risk assessments, assembled the report, but don’t have time to actually take action. The report is turned in, and the security improvements aren’t made.

That’s where our software comes in.

How Circadian Risk helps

Imagine you’re doing the same assessment, but this time you’re not walking around with a paper checklist. You’ve got a tablet, and you’re using Circadian Risk’s Vulnerability Assessment Tool.

As you walk around the building, examining each door, you’re collecting the information in one tool. You take pictures of the doors, use geolocation to show your client exactly which door you’re reporting on, answer yes and no questions, and make notes. The report is being written for you, in real-time, as you do the assessment.

How much time would that save you? We find that in most cases, our tool saves clients about 80 percent of their reporting time. That’s time that can be spent consulting with your clients, helping them correct the issues you found in the report.

Helping you get back to what you do best: your job

Most clients don’t contact a security consultant for a report — even if it’s a good report. As a frustrated prospective client once told me, “I have 600 facilities and 600 paper-based reports. What the heck am I going to do with 600 reports?”

If a client has engaged you, they probably already suspect their organization has a security issue. What they want is a skilled professional who can pinpoint their specific problem and help them understand how to correct it.

The report generated by our software helps you do this. Rather than producing a traditional narrative report, the software automatically generates a Corrective Action Plan (CAP), suggesting remediations for every problem you identified during the report.

You can then go over the plan with your client using your security expertise to make recommendations tailored to their specific business use case, industry, and facility.

Interested in learning more about CAPs?

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Get More Out of Your Business with Circadian Risk

By using our software you can get back the time you need to sit down with your client and make concrete recommendations that will make them, their business, and their sites safer.

Ready to automate your most time-consuming, mundane tasks? Free up your time for your business’s most important activities with Circadian Risk assessment software. Schedule your personalized demo today!

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