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Industry Insider: What If We Don’t Assess All of Our Buildings?

May 29, 2019 | 2 min read
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A lot of the enterprise clients we’re talking with have a large number of facilities—anywhere from 50 to thousands of buildings. A question that often comes up is, “Why should I do a risk assessment of all of my buildings in a single year?” Usually, they’re concerned about the costs. They don’t believe they can afford it. But there’s a greater cost they’re not considering.

Doing only a few physical risk assessments instead of all of your buildings each year increases your company’s liability and sets you up for litigation and brand damage. Let’s say you have 200 buildings, but you only assess 20 of them. If an incident happens, the question will come up, “Why did you assess only those few buildings? How did you determine those were the buildings to assess?”

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The Risks of Not Assessing

As technology makes risk assessments easier and more affordable, expectations on organizations will increase. Standards will elevate. Instead of requiring assessments every 3-5 years, CTPAT and other regulations will start requiring them annually. Insurance companies will start introducing their own requirements as well.

By only assessing a few of your buildings, you’re implying that a plan and procedure are in place. You will have to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the facilities you assess are the ones that need it most. It can’t be “just because.” You have to do some kind of preliminary assessment to determine that these are the facilities in greatest need of an assessment.

This begs the question: if you’re going to invest your time, money and effort into doing preliminary assessments of all 200 facilities, why not simply perform a full risk assessment on all of them to begin with?

You Can Assess All of Your Buildings

With Circadian Risk assessment software, you can assign facilities managers at each building to do the physical risk assessments themselves. All it costs is the site license and some basic training for each employee. The software leads you through the rest. It’s so simple, any employee can do it.

Once the assessments are done, your company’s security experts can view the aggregated data across all of your buildings. Using the built-in Corrective Action Plan, they can make expert-level decisions for moving forward and remediating your issues in a strategic fashion.

From a time perspective, you can easily conduct hundreds of risk assessments in a single year. Our case study of the healthcare facility we assessed proves that assertion. We conducted 56 assessments in 18 days, with just 22 assessors. It’s not a pipe dream anymore to affordably assess every one of your facilities.

Risk Assessments Are No Longer Optional

We have all been put on notice. With school shootings, workplace violence and attacks on places of worship, it is no longer a matter of if but when. Whether you’re an enterprise company, a school district, or a religious denomination, assessing all of your buildings is no longer optional. If you don’t take this issue seriously, you may be the next target.

You can protect all of your facilities by using digital technologies. See how Circadian Risk’s assessment app makes it possible—get your personalized demo today!

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