Introducing The CSO Risk Council: A Think Tank for Security Professionals

January 16, 2020 | 1 min read
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Criminals have a considerable advantage over security professionals: they talk to one another.

Whether it’s online, in person, or in prison, criminals are constantly brainstorming. They come up with plans, talk about how to beat security, watch movies and the news, and learn from one another.

Unfortunately, the same thing is not happening on the other side of the law — aside from one or two conferences a year, security professionals aren’t sitting down to brainstorm and learn from one another. That’s an oversight; there are many professionals in our industry with the experience we can learn from.

That’s why Circadian Risk founded the CSO Risk Council.

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What is the CSO Risk Council?

The CSO Risk Council is an invitation-only think tank of security professionals, director-level and higher. Our members are now, or have been responsible for the physical security of large enterprises with multiple sites.

Our members regularly meet to discuss security trends and best practices, bringing their considerable experience and expertise to today’s physical security challenges. We’re asking them to identify best practices and apply their knowledge to specific scenarios: preventing or responding to active shooters in the workplace, for example.

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What will the CSO Risk Council do?

Our members will approach each scenario the way your security team would conduct a tabletop exercise — the CSOs will brainstorm different ways to handle a situation, look at different options, discuss their experience, and come up with a list of best practices. When they’ve thoroughly discussed a security scenario, we plan to create guides and other resources around these topics based on the roundtable’s expertise.

This doesn’t always mean the guides will tell you what you should do to prevent workplace violence. Instead, the aim of the roundtable is to offer security options that will work for different types of organizations and sites.

It’s easy to get hung up on standards and regulations, but it’s also important to note that when it comes to security, not every organization has the same culture or needs. More options mean more organizations get to stay safe.

Interested in learning more? Contact us for more information about the CSO Risk Council or to sign up to receive guides and other resources.

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