Paper Vulnerability and Compliance Reports Are Killing Your Business

By Daniel Young | April 17, 2023 | 3 min read
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As a security consultant, you deliver an important service to your clients. You’re assessing their sites’ risk, and using your experience in the physical security industry to inform your recommendations. They are looking to you to help keep their assets safe.

But if you walk onto their site with nothing more than a clipboard, a paper checklist, and a pen, will they continue to take you seriously?

The physical industry is changing; a recent report found that organizations are embracing technology as part of their security operations. It’s time for security assessments to change as well — in fact, your clients probably expect it.

What’s wrong with paper vulnerability reports?

If your security consulting business is still using paper-based vulnerability and compliance assessments, you’re not delivering what your clients really need. Paper reports are usually little more than a standards guide—which your clients could find online within a couple of minutes. They don’t provide detailed vulnerability analysis, and they don’t give your clients corrective actions to take.

But to provide a detailed assessment would be impossible, because you simply can’t take the time to write up every issue you discover. Your reports would be unreadable, and you’d lose money spending countless hours drafting it.

Your clients don’t want to read clunky, paper-based vulnerability reports. They want comprehensive, easy-to-use digital reports. While other industries are abandoning paper and handwritten methods, your clients are wondering why you haven’t made the transition yet.

Go digital or go home

Digital technology isn’t just nice to have, it’s a necessity. As competition heats up in the physical vulnerability assessment field, consultants who use digital technology will win and sustain more clients.

Digital technology makes it possible to provide vulnerability and compliance assessments that are more than just a standards guide, and in far less time than it takes to write a paper report. Using dashboards and visualizations, you can present detailed assessments that aren’t clunky or overwhelming, and are easy to understand. And you can enter all the report data as you perform your assessment on-site.

The Circadian Risk solution

Circadian Risk is your go-to partner for comprehensive, digital vulnerability assessments.

Our vulnerability assessment software gives you a unique competitive advantage that impresses clients and shortens your overall assessment time. The mobile software makes inspections easier to complete and creates detailed, easy-to-use reports that other consultants can’t match with paper-based methods.

Circadian Risk’s vulnerability assessment app gives you a competitive advantage that no one else can claim. It’s the only solution that lets you:

  • Create effective, comprehensive reports in record time

  • Tag every vulnerability, risk, and compliance issue on the premises

  • Track and assign improvements with a corrective action plan

  • Custom-brand your reports

  • Analyze risk across multiple locations

  • Analyze risk for specific scenarios

  • Assign risk scores to each site

  • Create your own question template or use templates based on industry standards

Circadian Risk’s vulnerability assessment app easily guides you through the security assessment process:

  • Send an electronic self-assessment to your client before a site visit: You can understand what a site is like before even visiting it, then ask follow-up questions based on the client’s responses when you get there, digging deeper into security issues.

  • Complete an inspection with a tablet and document each vulnerability: Use a floor plan to precisely place the location of the problem, and use geolocation and photos to document each item.

  • Create a Corrective Action Plan: Once you’re done, create an actionable list to your clients so they can understand what they need to do to correct vulnerabilities. This can even help upsell your own services. Your clients can create a budget, set due dates, and even assign tasks to other users.

  • Create the report as you go: Rather than spending hours writing up your notes, let the platform write the report as you walk the site, documenting vulnerabilities.

  • Aggregate date for many sites: Use the analytics dashboard to aggregate all of your assessments for a specific company into one report. Your client can see, at a glance, which of their sites needs the most attention.

Get Ahead with Circadian Risk

Why stick with paper when you use the time you’d spend writing to win more clients? Take hold of the advantage Circadian Risk’s assessment app can give you.

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