Top Things Your Physical Risk Assessment Customers Wish You Were Doing

July 24, 2017 | 4 min read
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Does this scenario sound familiar? You’ve lost another risk assessment customer and you don’t know why. They’d been a client of yours for years, but then one day you got that email: your services will no longer be required. No explanation, except that they want to take their physical risk assessments in a different direction.

That’s the breaks, and you’re going to have customer churn—everybody does. But if you know the secret to keeping more risk assessment customers, you can spend less time on sales and earn greater profit margins.

The trick is to understand what your customers wish you were doing differently. Most clients don’t give feedback when they’re unhappy, so you have to guess what they want. Or, you can read on to discover the top things your risk assessment customers wish you’d do differently.

Ditch Paper

Paper-based vulnerability assessments and reports don’t get read. They’re long, dense, and hard to read. Your risk assessment customers want something they can easily scan and quickly understand. They want data visualizations packed with information they can use. And they want interactive data they can filter.

Paper reports don’t cut it anymore. Customers are looking for digital dashboards and reports—and the security consultants that are ditching paper are the ones risk assessment customers are hiring.

Communicate More

If your client communication doesn’t go beyond scheduling, interviewing, and reporting, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to retain clients and increase revenue. Your customers want a security consultant who actually cares about their success, and the best way to show it is by checking in once or twice a month.

Communicating with your clients doesn’t have to take more than a couple of minutes. Try some of these ideas:

  • Follow up your site visits with a templated survey to see if they were satisfied and what you could improve.
  • Share an article or other resource that you think would be helpful to them.
  • Give them a quick phone call to see if they have any questions or special needs you can help them with (this is a great way to identify upsells too!).
  • Send Christmas cards to thank them for their business.
  • Use the Circadian Risk assessment tool to monitor their progress and follow up with them to answer any questions.

A little bit of effort goes a long way to keeping your risk and vulnerability clients happy and loyal.

Go Beyond a Standards Guide

If you’re honest with yourself, your physical vulnerability and risk assessments are probably just an executive summary of your findings, tacked onto a standards guide. We get it. It’s impossible to provide detailed vulnerability assessments and compliance results for every single item you spot. So you do your best by giving a summary and referencing the standards to follow.

But now you actually can record every single compliance and risk issue—in detail. And it will take less time than you’re spending on your reports right now. Circadian Risk’s vulnerability and risk assessment app lets you provide complete details on every issue, in far less time. You can give your customers more value, more quickly, so that you can take on more clients.

Provide Corrective Actions

Risk assessment clients get irritated when a consultant promises a report they can use, but doesn’t include any corrective actions to reduce their risk. Your clients don’t just want a list of problems—what they need is a risk consultant who can prioritize their issues and give them practical steps to take to reduce their vulnerability.

Win loyal customers who keep coming back by providing corrective actions in your reports. This enables clients to track improvements after the inspection—and it gives you the chance to up-sell them or keep them asking for more help. Circadian Risk’s vulnerability assessment tool provides this automatically.

Spend Less Billable Time on Reports

Writing reports takes the bulk of your time on a project. But your customers don’t want to pay you for all that time, because they don’t think it should take so long to do. So you can suck it up and take the loss, cut corners on the report, or try to capture more money by up-charging some other aspect of the job. Either way, you’re not just competing with other risk assessment specialists, you’re competing with your customers too!

Or you could create a better report in less time. Circadian Risk’s vulnerability and compliance assessment app generates automatic reports from the data you capture during your inspection. There’s virtually no writing to do, and you can cut your report time by as much as 80%. With Circadian Risk:

  • All deficiencies are already recorded with questions and locations
  • Cropping and adding photos are done already
  • All recommendations are already added
  • Standards, compliance, and regulation are already added
  • Reduce your report time to editing only
  • Never miss an item because of illegible or missing notes
  • Your notes are password-protected to ensure client security and privacy
  • Use your own question templates
  • Completely automate your current process

Compile Multiple Assessments into One Report

If you’re doing multiple assessments for a single client, it’s a pain for them to read through each report. If you’ve got 100 assessments, your client has a lot of work to do just to read them, parse the information, and keep track of it all.

Do your clients a favor and compile all of the data into a single aggregate report. Circadian Risk’s app does this automatically for them, saving time.

Start Retaining More Clients

When you know what your customers want, you can provide the assessment service no one else can give. You’ll retain more physical vulnerability assessment clients, spend less time on sales, and start seeing greater profit margins. Take that first step by learning how Circadian Risk can increase your value to customers.

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