Risk Assessment Software Can’t Be As Custom As a Human. Right?

November 15, 2017 | 2 min read
Strom Trooper 001

It’s not that you have anything against risk assessment software. You just don’t think it has anything to offer you. You’ve already created your own custom templates and interview questions, and you can mix and match your questions with an intuition no software can match. You understand your clients’ industry standards and you’re on top of the latest assessment methods. Software will just get in your way and force you into a generic box that doesn’t fit your needs.

But what if there was a risk assessment tool that could work with your own templates, your interview questions, and your expertise—and open up new business opportunities you never dreamed of?

Circadian Risk’s threat and vulnerability assessment app lets you do things with your custom assets that you could never do before. Instead of replacing the templates and interviews you’ve created, Circadian Risk takes them to a whole new level—and opens up business opportunities that your competition can’t match.

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Get More from Your Custom Assets

What does Circadian Risk add to your risk assessments? Here’s a few things you’ll get:

  • More value from interview questions. Stop doing your interviews face-to-face. With our software, you can send your custom survey questions to every facility in advance, electronically. Clients can fill out the information at their convenience, and you’ll get to see the data before you even set foot onsite. Coming in early 2018: interactive floor plan visualizations.
  • Ability to can switch between standards and questions on the fly. There’s no limit to the breadth of industries you can work in. Go from one template to another, instantly.
  • Auto-generated reports in seconds, not hours. You’ll be freed up to customize your services, provide more frequent assessments, or take on more projects. Either way, you’re generating more revenue at less cost.
  • Secure reporting with cloud-hosted data. Rest easy—your clients get the best data protection available.
  • Business intelligence with corrective action plans that identify your clients’ most critical needs. Offer add-on services to your clients to target those needs.
  • Custom branding-differentiate yourself with technology to obtain more clients
  • Reseller options. Expand your business opportunities and charge clients for the use of Circadian Risk software—under your company’s branding.
  • Coming in 2018: Customized reports with analytics, charts, and graphs. Convey your information in visual snapshots instead of text-heavy reports. Visualizations turn dry data into emotional images, giving you the chance to offer add-on services.

Discover New Business Opportunities

Using Circadian Risk assessment software empowers your custom assets in new ways, opening up business opportunities you’ve never had before. Find out more about Circadian Risk—get a live demo today.

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