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January 2019 – Top News in the Security and Risk Industry

January 14, 2019 | 2 min read
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There’s a lot going on in the world of physical risk and vulnerability, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest news and developments. We’ll keep you informed with the best content to keep your organization safe and secure.

Check out the top news and headlines from the past month—including must-read details on the trends to watch in 2019, boosting your consulting business, and leveraging FBI resources to keep companies safe.

2019 Technology Trends: Six Trends Affecting Our Business and the Security Sector

Via Axis Communications. It wouldn’t be the new year without articles predicting industry trends in the coming year. So we couldn’t resist sharing this one that anticipates the key tech trends that will affect the security industry in 2019. Some of the top trends to watch include artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and edge computing. See what else is on the list.

Our take: More and more, expertise in physical security means embracing the latest technology. While you don’t need to be a technology expert, you do need to understand the latest tech trends. The good news: as technology advances and becomes easier to use, even old-school consultants can go high-tech.

How Leveraging New Technologies In The Workplace Will Enhance Its Security

Via Security Informed. As the world continues to become more connected, it’s becoming increasingly important to adjust security and safety procedures in the workplace. But today’s ever-evolving office environment can present unique safety and preparedness challenges. A recent Workplace Safety and Preparedness survey asked employees about their views on safety at work and emergency preparedness. Here are the highlights.

Our take: It’s critical that employers understand how their safety and security efforts affect their employees—both their work flow and their sense of safety. Companies need to balance security with corporate culture, and they need to take care of their people outside of work.

Building a Trusted Relationship with the FBI

Via ASIS International. The FBI is strengthening its relationship with the U.S. business community through its Office of Private Sector. The Office of Private Sector provides a consistent point of contact with the right FBI official to engage with – whatever your concern. Get the details here.

Our take: Don’t hesitate to invest in public-private partnerships with the FBI and law enforcement first responders. This kind of partnership is built on sharing information to help mitigate disaster during an emergency. For some organizations, the idea of sharing information about your company is a deal breaker. But the benefits are tremendous.

Why You Should Exploit the Value in Existing Customers

Via Security Sales & Integration. You’ve won the contract, you completed the assessment, and you’ve moved onto the next customer. You’ve also let go of an easy sales opportunity. Don’t rest on your laurels after you acquire a new customer. Instead, remember the three Rs: revisit, remind and reinvest in your customers.

Our take: Repeat customers are easier to sell to, spend more money, and cost a fifth as much as a new customer acquisition. Security consultants who use Circadian Risk assessment software find it even easier to retain customers and sell add-on solutions.

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