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Want to Cut Risk Assessment Time by 80 Percent?

May 16, 2019 | 4 min read
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If you’re like most security professionals, you’re spending 80 percent more time on risk assessments and reports than you need to. That equates to hundreds of hours each year, wasted on mundane tasks. You’re a specialist who spends only a small percentage of your time actually using your security expertise. What if you could free up all that time for more valuable work than report writing?

You could work fewer hours. Take more vacations. Add more clients. Enjoy greater profits. Expand your business.

Circadian Risk’s vulnerability assessment software has already impressed security consultants in the field with its speed and efficiency. Here’s what one assessor had to say:

“Twenty-four security consultants walked through 100-plus healthcare facilities. Four of us finished a 22-story building in four hours. A team of two completed a nine-story building in two hours. Altogether, I assessed more than 20 buildings on the healthcare project in 18 days. The facilities ranged from one story to 22 stories. Doing it the old way with paper or spreadsheet would have easily taken 60 days or more.”

You don’t have to cut corners to be more productive—you just need to cut the wasted time and effort from your process. Here’s how Circadian Risk equips you to deliver more complete risk assessments, faster.

Faster Inspections

Most security professionals use paper notepads and checklists to take notes during their inspections. But taking notes for later is a tremendous waste of time. Circadian Risk’s assessment software is built to reduce manual work and streamline your inspection. Here’s how.


Traditional risk assessments rely on in-person interviews. They’re long, tedious, and add hours to your assessment time. Circadian Risk lets you cut to the chase.

Instead of conducting the whole interview in person, send out an online questionnaire in advance, before you start your risk assessment. They can login and answer questions at their convenience, and send them back electronically. Interviewing time is limited to follow-up questions and clarifying details—giving you back several hours and letting you cut to the inspection.

Visual data—floor plans, guided inspection

How many times have you gone through an inspection, only to realize later that you accidentally skipped an entire section of the building? Or maybe you forgot to check an important detail in some of the rooms. Now you have to backtrack, adding time to your assessment.

If you’re using checklists to do your physical risk assessments, you don’t have a logical progression for the inspection. But with Circadian Risk, you can use a floor plan to visually guide your assessment as you go through the inspection. The floor plan leads you from room to room or hallway to hallway, and ensures you inspect every item you need to document. It’s more efficient, keeps you moving along, and eliminates flipping back and forth on a checklist.

Eliminate Notetaking

One of the problems with paper-based assessments is that taking notes is a tremendous waste of time. It takes a lot of words to describe a problem, or even the location of a problem, so you’re spending the bulk of your assessment just scribbling notes. But what if you could capture issues instantly, without taking notes?

With Circadian Risk, you can capture each issue by taking a photo of the problem and annotating the photo in the app. Use the floor plan or geolocation to tag the location. All that information is stored in the software, and later embedded directly in the report. You can document each item in just a few seconds!

Faster Reporting

Our risk assessment app takes away the time and drudgery of report writing. There’s no need to transfer your notes to your report, no need to reformat photos, and no need to organize your observations. Instead, the mobile app collects all of the information you input during the inspection—the deficiency, the photo, the location, your recommendation and the priority—and automatically generates a full report, with remediation instructions.

Essentially, you’re inputting the meat of the report as you do the inspection. As a result, you can easily save 80 percent of your report writing time.

Our risk assessment software automatically generates detailed corrective actions for every issue you identify. Not only do the corrective actions provide a remedy for each problem, they also prioritize the issues so your customers understand which ones to tackle first. They can even create a budget, set due dates, and even assign tasks to other users.

Our Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is a project management tool. Not only does it allow you to review vulnerabilities and deficiencies, but it’s empowers you to manage those items for greater accountability and remediation.

Get More Out of Your Business with Circadian Risk

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