We’re Cloud-Only—And That Makes Your Security Business More Valuable

March 13, 2018 | 3 min read
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You spend a lot of time collecting physical security data about your clients. You spend a lot of time processing and interpreting that data. And you put in a good deal of time reporting on the data. But chances are, you aren’t giving any thought to how you store your security clients’ data. If you’re like most physical security consultants, it’s either all on paper or on your hard drive.

Not only is that risky, it’s also costing your business.

Circadian Risk vulnerability assessment software automatically stores all of your clients’ data in the cloud. You access the data from the cloud, and your client accesses it from the cloud. As a result, security consultants who use Circadian Risk immediately provide more value to their clients. And they have greater peace of mind, because their customers’ sensitive data gets the greatest protection possible.

How does cloud storage give you more value to clients? By providing deeper insight, greater data security, and, better data protection.

Better Security Insights

Circadian Risk software uses the cloud to collect all of the data that all our users capture. We apply Big Data analytics to identify trends and outliers. In turn, you get instant access to security trends on a macro scale, from across the industry. You’re not limited to looking only at the trends within your customers’ individual facilities—with Circadian Risk, you can benchmark your customers’ facilities against other similar facilities and industries.

This gives you incredible value to your customers, because you can show them with real numbers how you’re helping them to improve their security, compared to competitors, other local facilities, and even fellow franchisees.

This kind of data makes it easy to prove your ROI to customers. And it lets you address areas where they’re lagging behind industry benchmarks—which gives you the opportunity to provide additional services and win repeat business.

If you're paper-based, or if you keep data on your own server, you’ll never be able to take advantage of industry like that.

Concerned about your clients’ confidentiality? So are we. All the data that we share is scrubbed of identifiable information. The data you contribute for benchmarking is completely anonymous.

More Secure Data

There’s nothing more secure for your sensitive data than cloud storage. Local hosting won’t cut it, and even paper is less secure than the cloud. If your customers care about how you’re protecting their sensitive information, only cloud storage will do. Here’s why.

Cloud service providers can secure your data better than you can, because that’s their business: to manage data and to do it securely. That’s their focus, data is their business. Cloud centers are set up so that as long as you’re protecting your passwords, there’s no way to access the data. Data centers combine the latest cybersecurity protocols with physical security to ensure on a daily basis that your data won’t be compromised.

But isn’t paper more secure than digital data? Not a chance. Paper-based data can easily get lost, stolen, or destroyed. There’s no backup, and there’s no way to encrypt the information. All you need to do is leave it out where the wrong eyes can see it.

Additionally, even though you’re taking notes with a paper-based method, you’ll eventually write a report on a computer, which is less secure. And if you share the report, does your client get a printed copy or electronic copy? Both can be an issue. Printed reports can be stolen, lost, or destroyed, just like your notes. But an electronic copy of your report can be shared using unsecured means, and these files can contain viruses, even without your knowledge.

Still relying on paper-based methods? You’re putting your customers at greater risk than your competitors do, who use digital methods.

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More Protected Data

Data in the cloud isn’t just more secure, it’s also better protected. Cloud service providers use redundancy to back up the data they store, so that if one data center is hit by a flood or power outage, one of their other data centers in another region preserves the data.

If you’re storing customer data locally, what happens if your building gets hit by a hurricane or your laptop gets fried? It doesn’t take much to lose data—and if you haven’t backed up your data somewhere else, it’ll be lost forever.

Become More Valuable to Your Clients

Cloud storage opens up all kinds of opportunities for you to provide more value to your clients. Not only is their data secure and protected, it also equips you to make your customers more successful. Not only are paper-based methods less secure, they keep you from growing your business.

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