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Why Presentations are Replacing the Narrative Security Report

May 21, 2020 | 2 min read
Reports vs presentations scaled

Once a traditional security assessment is complete, there’s usually one important end product: a written report that contains the outcome of the assessment. That report is usually a detailed document, packed with your assessments of each site’s specific security needs. Ideally it should be actionable, understandable to someone who isn’t in the physical security industry, and should provide suggestions that an organization can act on to keep its employees and assets safe.

Unfortunately, no matter how useful their contents are, most reports are text-heavy documents that don’t get read by our decision makers. Many only read the executive summary.

But another medium that executives prefer now is visual presentations.

How can you turn awareness into action with visual reports? Let us show you.

Why do decision makers see presentations more than reports?

Security reports can be intimidating documents for executives, who often don’t work in the security industry. They might be hundreds of pages long, or cover several sites, and they’re often written in a narrative style that doesn’t convey the actionable insights decision makers need to immediately make changes at a site — which sites have the highest risk score, for example.

Presentations, however, are easier to digest — they’re visual, they cover the most important parts of the report, and the security subject matter expert is right there to answer any question a business’s decision makers have about the security assessment.

We find that the subject matter experts who use our software tend to take the most critical elements of the report generated by our dashboards, and work that information into a PowerPoint which they then present to key decision makers.

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How does Circadian Risk help you create your presentation?

Because our product is digital, the data is aggregated amongst all sites and items, then by using the filters in our dashboard you can customize your presentation, showing a company’s decision makers the information they most need to see to keep their sites secure.

If, for example, you’re reviewing the security of a healthcare organization with hundreds of sites, and company leadership needs to review the security of their emergency rooms, you can use the dashboard to show you the data on the facilities with ERs. If they need to see the facilities with the highest risk, you can use our platform’s Risk Optimization CalculatorTM to show the data on the sites that need the most remediation.

Whatever filters you choose, you can then export that card from the dashboard and put it into your presentation, so that decision makers can see that information in a visual format during your presentation.

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