Protect your organization from trespassers.

With any office property, trespassers are always a potential threat looming over your business. Trespassing is typically a gateway to expensive property damage like vandalism or burglary or even terrorism. Are you able to protect your organization from trespassing?


A Comprehensive Software Solution for Assessing Trespassing.

Trespassing is a major concern among businesses. It’s when a person enters onto the property of another person without the legal right to be there. Aside from trespassers potentially partaking in property damage or a precursor to a worse scenario like active surveillance or terrorism , there are other legalities involved that could put your organization in legal trouble. A trespasser who gets hurt on your property could sue your company and hold you liable for injuries. It happens more than you would think, but you can protect your organization from this potential threat.

Circadian Risk helps organizations prepare for a trespassing situation by assessing current security and safety guidelines and determining areas that need to be improved. To deter trespassing, our software may suggest adding or improving lighting around the property, adjusting video surveillance, adding gates or signage, or implementing a team of security officers. By preparing for the risk of trespassers and the damage they may cause, Circadian Risk strengthens your organization's response plans and remediation strategies.

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Circadian Risk vs Others:

While other risk software solutions may be able to evaluate your risk of explosive attacks for today, the buck stops there. Circadian Risk is the only platform that dynamically evaluates your risk based on evolving factors - so you’re prepared for today and tomorrow.

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Is your organization protected from trespassers?

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