The Security Assessment Platform That Does It All

Circadian Risk is the leading digital platform for assessing, analyzing, and monitoring physical security risks. Equipped with modules to measure risk from vulnerabilities to threats to impact, Circadian Risk enables security professionals to act faster and have trust in their plans to make their organization more secure.

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Determine the functions, assets, and processes that are most critical to your security infrastructure.


Understand the impact an incident can have on communities, organizations, and the environment.


Identify potential threat scenarios and threat actors, whether they’re groups with opposing views or individuals.


Identify naturally occurring incidents or accidents that could pose as hazards to your organization’s existing security and safety infrastructure.


Ensure your organization is prepared to respond and recover from incidents.


Reduce the probability of risk by identifying your physical security gaps and addressing them quickly and effectively.

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  • Discover Insights For Every Scenario

    Use objective data to determine everything from whether your organization is following security best-practices to your organization’s preparedness for critical situations such as Active Shooter Incidents.

  • Assess and Mitigate Risk

    Take your insights to the next level by prioritizing risk factors and developing action plans to drastically improve the physical security of your organization.

  • Streamline Communication with Reporting

    Keep your stakeholders in the loop with the ability to generate comprehensive, yet flexible, reports and dashboards.

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Thought Leaders

Powered by Industry Experts

Circadian Risk is proud to host the CSO Risk Council, a think tank of seasoned security professionals and thought leaders with extensive experience in managing the physical security and risks of large enterprises consisting of multiple sites.

Members of the CSO Risk Council meet regularly to discuss security trends and best practices, build their professional networks, and identify applications for real-world security scenarios: such as, preventing or responding to active shooters in the workplace.

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