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Circadian Risk is the leading digital platform for assessing, analyzing, and monitoring physical security risks. Equipped with modules to measure risk from vulnerabilities to threats to impact, Circadian Risk enables security professionals to act faster and have trust in their plans to make their organization more secure.

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Our platform focuses on the specific scenarios that can happen in one of these three categories:

For Compliance

Ensure that your organization meets industry specific compliance standards and requirements by identifying areas that need improvement. Maintaining security compliance helps your organization avoid fines and penalties, protects your business, strengthens your data management processes, reduces risk, and more.

About Compliance
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For Hazards

Circadian Risk helps you analyze naturally occurring incidents or accidents that could pose as hazards to your organization’s existing security and safety infrastructure. Hazards include weather related scenarios such as tornadoes or earthquakes, accidental chemical or oil spills, or nearby potential hazards.

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For Threats

The platform identifies potential threat scenarios and threat actors, whether they’re groups with opposing views or individuals. Threats can range from theft to vandalism to an active shooter scenario and are broken down into three parts in the dashboard: inherent risk, controls through vulnerability assessments, residual risk to determine your overall total risk.

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Determine the functions, assets, and processes that are most critical to your security infrastructure.


Understand the impact an incident can have on communities, organizations, and the environment.


Ensure your organization is prepared to respond and recover from incidents.


Reduce the probability of risk by identifying your physical security gaps and addressing them quickly and effectively.

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Thought Leaders

Powered by Industry Experts

Circadian Risk is proud to host the CSO Risk Council, a think tank of seasoned security professionals and thought leaders with extensive experience in managing the physical security and risks of large enterprises consisting of multiple sites.

Members of the CSO Risk Council meet regularly to discuss security trends and best practices, build their professional networks, and identify applications for real-world security scenarios: such as, preventing or responding to active shooters in the workplace.

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