PAP Standard

ASIS International Physical Asset Protection Standard

Use the PAP standard to complete an assessment to protect an organization's physical assets.

2023 PR 12

This ASIS Standard utilizes a management systems approach to provide guidance for assisting organizations in the design, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, and maintenance of a physical asset protection (PAP) program. It also provides guidance on the identification, application, and management of physical protection systems (PPS) to safeguard an organization's assets.

About the ASIS PAP Standard

Every organization needs to protect its assets, including people, property, and information. A physical asset protection (PAP) program can provide that protection. It encompasses a systematic approach to identify threats and vulnerabilities an organization faces so that they can be addressed.

The PAP should consider the needs and expectations of the organization and its stakeholders and it should be a dynamic program that can be modified as the operating environment, staff, and organizational objectives change. In addition, the program requires continual monitoring and evaluation so it can improve. Top management buy-in is crucial to success.

2023 PR 8

About the Circadian Risk’s Solution

Use the industry's premier risk analysis solution to complete an assessment of your organization’s sites using ASIS International’s Physical Asset Protection (PAP) Standard.

With the Circadian Risk tool you will be able to:

  • Compare facilities side-by-side to best understand what gaps and vulnerabilities are at each location

  • Develop an optimized remediation plan and strategy that meets your organization’s risk profile and budget

  • Track remediations from deficiency to compliance

  • Communicate risk to all stakeholders whether that is a point of contact at a site or the C-Suite

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