Take Control of Your Hazard Compliance Executive Insider Threat Supply Chain Organizational Risks

You can now use the ASIS International Physical Asset Protection Standard to Monitor critical and actionable indicators to reduce the probability and severity of incidents through objective data analysis.

Who are we?

An Enterprise Solution To Transform Your Security

Protect Your People & Assets

Ensure that your organization is prepared to foresee and mitigate any risk, big or small, to your employees and valuable assets.

Reduce Liability and Cost

Perform frequent risk assessments to continuously optimize your security resources for both cost and effectiveness.

Safeguard Your Brand

Avoid reputational risk with continuous monitoring and project management of vulnerabilities while conducting frequent critical assessments to identify new gaps.

Who are we?

An Innovative Assessment Solution that is Efficient and Comprehensive

Decrease Total Cost of Risk

Improve your assessment process with greater efficiency, comprehensive detail, and faster turnaround.

Communicate Risk Effectively

Provide clients with a white-labeled dashboard or detailed reports for proper decision making.

Turn Awareness into Action

Detail an action plan that your clients can use for timely remediation and project management.

  • Risk Optimization Calculator™

    Make the most of your resources by allocating them where they’re most effective while being cost-efficient.
  • Vulnerability, Threat, & Impact Assessments

    Provide a highly visual, detailed vulnerability analysis of every physical security concern within your floor plan and compare to current threats and impacts.
  • Reporting & Corrective Action Plans™

    Utilize Project Management effectively and generate automatic reports for quicker decision making and remediation.
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Case Study

Circadian Risk Reduces Costs and Optimizes Risk Culture for Grocery Brand.

See how Circadian Risk optimizes the risk resiliency of a publicly-traded grocery retailer, providing full visibility into the security at all its sites, and creating proactive methods to keep assets secured, all while saving money on equipment costs.

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