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It’s time to stop ignoring Physical Security Risks and resolve them.

Objective Process. Better Reporting. Stronger Analytics.

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Data Driven Physical Risk Analysis

Physical Risk and Vulnerability assessments are vital tools in determining your physical risk as a business. However, the process is time-consuming and often results in data that is difficult to act on and track. Narrative reports are not actionable, hard to iterate on with multiple users, are not guaranteed to be secure, and often get lost or filed away sometime after their delivery.

Circadian Risk digitizes all of the security and safety information from your vulnerability and risk assessments on a secure web platform. A suite of tools allows you to generate, visualize, resolve, track, and communicate valuable data from your Vulnerability Assessments.


10 different assessors, 10 copies of the same report. Circadian Risk is designed from the ground up to be as objective as possible.


Automatic report generation means no spreadsheet-crunching and no out of date information, available at any time.


Easily find issues, assign them to individuals, and track them over time. All from one portal.

Designed for Enterprise Security and Consultants

Enterprise Security

CSO, Security Directors

Aggregate hundreds of locations: see compliance at a glance, allocate resources, track improvements, and generate reports at any time.

Consultant Partners

Reseller, Consultant

Organize multiple clients, provide whitelabeled service, perform efficient assessments. Compile objective data into valuable reports. Join the Circadian Risk Partner Network to be contracted for large-scale Circadian Risk Enterprise contracts.

Deliver better assessments
with less effort. See it in action.

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What the Experts Are Saying

“A tool like this, for me professionally and personally, is really welcome, because a safer place where you are makes it safer for everyone else.”


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