Protect your organization from vandalism.

No matter the size of your organization, vandalism is always a lurking threat. Vandalism devalues your property, causes expensive repairs, and potentially puts the people of your organization in danger. Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your organization from vandalism?

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A Comprehensive Software Solution for Assessing Vandalism.

Vandalism includes any willful behavior aimed at destroying, altering, or defacing property such as graffiti, breaking windows, or slashing tires. Vandalism can also be a precursor to a much greater problem. It can be very damaging to your organization’s property and extremely costly to fix, but you can prepare your organization.

Circadian Risk helps organizations prepare for vandalism situations by assessing current security protocols and determining areas that need improvement. This could mean adding extra lighting to your property, adjusting video surveillance, adjusting your remediation strategy, or having security officers. In the event of vandalism, Circadian Risk prepares organizations by assessing the overall risk for vandalism to ensure the safety of your organization and its employees, and allows your organization to look for trends.

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Circadian Risk vs Others:

While other risk software solutions may be able to evaluate your risk of explosive attacks for today, the buck stops there. Circadian Risk is the only platform that dynamically evaluates your risk based on evolving factors - so you’re prepared for today and tomorrow.

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Is your organization protected from vandalism?

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