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Manage Your School or University’s Risk and Safety Compliance

Schools and universities continuously are targets for various risks, especially in the context of active shooter situations. Schools will remain targets, and without proper guidance and understanding of these risks, schools won’t be able to protect students, teachers, staff, and visitors. Schools and universities don’t need to wait for laws to be passed to reinforce their safety and security infrastructure without the cost of impeding education.

Is your academic institution prepared with the most effective security and safety protocol, equipment infrastructure, and mitigation plan to ensure the safety of students and faculty?

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Visualize Vulnerabilities

Understand gaps in your physical security for your campuses at a micro and macro scale.

Determine Viable Risk Scenarios

Continuously and accurately measure risk and impact in your current security infrastructure for various risk scenarios such as active shooter or abduction.

Generate Intuitive Reports & Dashboards

Communicate risks across the campuses with quantifiable and easy to interpret data points.

Successfully Turn Insight into Action

Use the Corrective Action Plan™ to project manage and execute on improvement and remediation initiatives.

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If I were to leave and join a new company, this product would be my first purchase.
This solution is light years ahead of what we built previously at my other company.
The risk dashboard is worth its weight in gold.
Circadian Risk's platform is incredibly user-friendly and provides an end product that can help better protect facilities and save money for our customers. Without this tool, many facility operators would require a specially trained security expert to maintain a successful security program.
A tool like this, for me professionally and personally, is really welcome, because a safer place where you are makes it safer for everyone else.

Thought Leaders

Powered by Industry Experts

Circadian Risk is proud to host the CSO Risk Council, a think tank of seasoned security professionals and thought leaders with extensive experience in managing the physical security and risks of large enterprises consisting of multiple sites.

Members of the CSO Risk Council meet regularly to discuss security trends and best practices, build their professional networks, and identify applications for real-world security scenarios: such as, preventing or responding to active shooters in the workplace.

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