Protect your intellectual property from espionage

Intellectual property can be the most expensive asset to your organization. Are you able to predict and deter instances where individuals may compromise your intellectual property?

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A Comprehensive Software Solution for Assessing Risk of Espionage.

Espionage is hard to track but could have devastating effects upon an organization if successful. Classified information can be leaked to competitors in exchange for financial benefit by either an external or internal source while sinking the organization’s value. These risks make having a plan to counter acts of espionage necessary for an organization’s longevity.

Our software helps organizations understand how to assess countermeasures for sensitive information in order to minimize the risk of espionage while not impeding business operations. Additionally, our software prepares customers with a robust plan of recovery in the case that espionage does manage to occur - minimizing the overall impact of espionage upon an organization.

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Circadian Risk vs. Others:

While other risk software solutions may be able to evaluate your risk of espionage for today, the buck stops there. Circadian Risk is the only platform that dynamically evaluates your risk based on evolving factors - so you’re prepared for today and tomorrow.

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Are you prepared for an espionage event?

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