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Circadian Risk helps safety and security consultants tackle even the most difficult of projects. Provide a thorough assessment of your client’s security infrastructure, communicate risks effectively, and turn your recommendations into action all while reducing your costs.


Circadian Risk

A comprehensive solutions set for safety and security consultants.

Security is tough to get right, especially when the safety of your client’s organization and its employees are on the line. When clients bring you in to make sure they have all the right processes in place to mitigate risk, you want to be sure you’re covering all your bases and providing a plan that could foresee even the most unlikely risk scenario.

With Circadian Risk, improve your assessment process with greater efficiency and coverage. We give you all the necessary tools to not just detect and mitigate risk for your clients, but to continuously improve your client’s security infrastructure - making you their go-to partner on security.

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Benefits of Becoming a Circadian Risk Partner

  1. Reduce overall costs to yourself and your client
  2. Turn insight into action with the Corrective Action Plan™
  3. Communicate risks effectively for proper decision making
  4. Earn larger commissions from our reseller program
  5. Take on larger projects by tapping into our security professionals network
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Thought Leaders

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Circadian Risk is proud to host the CSO Risk Council, a think tank of seasoned security professionals and thought leaders with extensive experience in managing the physical security and risks of large enterprises consisting of multiple sites.

Members of the CSO Risk Council meet regularly to discuss security trends and best practices, build their professional networks, and identify applications for real-world security scenarios: such as, preventing or responding to active shooters in the workplace.

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