Aggravated Assault

Protect yourself and your organization from serious bodily harm.

In 2017, there were roughly 810,825 aggravated assaults in the United States. Do you have a plan to protect the individuals of your organization from potential aggravated assault crimes?


A Comprehensive Software Solution for Assessing Risk of Aggravated Assault.

Aggravated assault is when there is intent to cause another person bodily harm by using a deadly weapon. Out of the reported aggravated assault offenses in 2017, 26.3% were committed with firearms. The remaining weapons included knives, personal weapons such as hands or feet, and other weapons. An aggravated assault situation puts you and the individuals of your organization in danger and can result in permanent and catastrophic injuries.

Circadian Risk helps organizations prepare for aggravated assault situations by assessing current security protocols, such as the effectiveness at recognizing and reporting suspicious or unusual activity. Our software also equips organizations with a comprehensive plan for what to do when an aggravated assault is attempted or committed and how to recover from the situation.

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Circadian Risk vs Others:

While other risk software solutions may be able to evaluate your risk of espionage for today, the buck stops there. Circadian Risk is the only platform that dynamically evaluates your risk based on evolving factors - so you’re prepared for today and tomorrow.

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