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5 Customer Questions Your Marketing Content Needs to Answer

July 18, 2018 | 3 min read
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When you’re marketing a service that’s basically the same as your competition’s, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. Security companies often get labeled as a commodity, because customers don’t see any significant difference between what you’re selling and what everyone else is selling.

As a result, most security professionals are reduced to marketing their security company as more comprehensive or more economical than the rest. Basically, you’re competing on price. And when you’re competing on price, nobody wins (not even your customer).

You don’t have to market your physical security company as a commodity. Instead, think about your customers’ greatest questions, and focus your marketing efforts on solving those pain points. Here are five customer questions your marketing content should be answering.

How Do You Use Technology?

While most security consultants are still using paper-based assessment methods, threat and vulnerability software gives you a powerful way to differentiate yourself in your marketing. For many security consultants, risk assessment technology is a game stopper, because they’re not willing to take it on, yet.

Your customers are looking for digital dashboards and reports, even if they aren’t asking for them. Most people are unaware of innovation until they learn about it. If you’re using technology like the Circadian Risk assessment app, you’ve got a marketing opportunity to take advantage of.

Your clients are adopting new technologies as quickly as they can. They’re starting to use internet of things (IoT) and building automation systems to protect and manage their facilities. They’ll notice when a security company uses digital technology. It tells them that they’re at the forefront of their profession and that they’ll provide higher quality service. When it comes down to it, your choice of tools could be the difference that wins a new contract.

How Do You Keep Your Data Secure?

With every physical risk assessment, you collect a lot of security data about your clients. And whether you’re keeping that data on paper, on your hard drive or in the cloud, your customers want to know how you protect it. Surprisingly, there are a lot of physical security consultants who don’t adequately protect client information.

Data security is a big deal for companies, and most people report that they would stop using many types of companies if news of a privacy scandal emerged. That has implications for your security company, as well as your clients’ business. If their data gets breached on your watch, both you and your clients could be in trouble.

You can alleviate those concerns—and stand apart from the competition—by providing information in your marketing that shows how you protect their security data.

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What Do You Offer?

Every physical security company offers physical risk assessment reports. What do you have to offer that sets you apart from the noise? Talk about your “special sauce”—that unique value only you provide to resolve your clients’ pains.

For example, if you’re using Circadian Risk software, you don’t just deliver an assessment report—you provide detailed corrective actions with interactive project management capabilities. You can also provide visualizations on top of your customers’ floor plans. Those are huge differentiators from the competition, because it enables you to show customers how to solve every problem in the report.

What Are Your Processes?

For a lot of companies, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters most to customers. If your processes are your secret sauce, highlight it in your marketing. Maybe you’re the fastest responder in the industry. Maybe your onboarding process enables you to be more thorough than other consultants. Or maybe you do all of your client work on their premises (clients want to see you on-site as much as possible).

Whatever you’ve got, flaunt it!

How Fast Can You Deliver?

No matter what you’re selling or who you’re selling it to, one thing is true: customers hate to wait. And as competition with other security consultants heats up, you need to find a better way to deliver efficient risk assessments to your clients. An efficient risk analysis doesn’t just save time, it also helps you win more customers.

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A Commodity No More!

While most security professionals are marketing themselves as if they’re just a commodity, you can create valuable marketing content that addresses your customers’ biggest questions and pain points. Set yourself apart from the crowd as the physical security specialist that delivers unique value.

Need some help creating that kind of content? No problem—talk to us about white labeling our content under your brand!

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