A Robot Security Dog is Appearing on TV this Week. It’s a Big Deal.

By Michael J. Martin | June 3, 2023 | 2 min read
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This week, the television-viewing public will get a look at one of security’s newest innovations when Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. (RAD),’s quadruped robot, the RADDOG, appears in FOX’s new reality series, “Stars on Mars.”

The series, which debuts on June 5 and is hosted by William Shatner, will see several celebrities take part in a simulation of a trip to Mars. The RADDOGs will serve as the stars’ mission security robots, as well as their companions.

As exciting as the show is, it’s incredible to see an innovation like the RADDOG 2s units be introduced to the general public in such a fun and friendly way. It’s a way to normalize security robots, and get the public as excited about the possibilities of security technology as those of us in the industry already are.

What new security technology is being introduced?

Dog robotics have been growing in popularity in the security industry lately. The RADDOG 2S units, for example, are specially designed for the security services and property management industries. Boston Dynamics developed a dog robot, which is used by the New York Police Department. At&T has its own dog robot as well.

Many of the robots have autonomous capabilities as well as the lower, less-threatening stature of a dog and the stability of four legs. However, the combination of AI and robotics has not been limited to quadrupeds. There are, however, some autonomous robotics that are able to act on their own. RAD, for example, makes a variety of robots that serve various security needs:

  • SCOT & WALLY are smart kiosks that can be used for exterior and interior verification of employees, visitors and vendors and provide interactive experiences for directions, alerts, safety tests, site rules and one on one conversation with a security agent if needed.

  • AVA is a versatile unit that can be used to allow access for employees, vendors and visitors as well as be equipped on a stanchion at a truck gate to use for vehicles of varying size.

  • ROSA is a camera unit that can be used along a perimeter or outside a building to detect loitering or prevent perimeter breaches. ROSA is equipped to use an escalation of warnings and provide light and sound to deter continued interaction.

  • ROAMEO is a mobile unit that can be used to patrol parking lots, parking structures, courtyards and perimeter to building patrols. ROAMEO is equipped with license plate recognition and can be approached to inquire about directions, report an incident or request to speak with a security dispatch or an operator.

Other exciting developments include weapons detections systems that can identify guns when a person enters the building, even if that gun hasn’t been assembled, and AI solutions that can be added to cameras in order to immediately flag threats.

Keeping up with security technology

Security technology has been advancing quickly, and it can be difficult to keep up. I recommend following many different companies to keep an eye on innovations, as well as visiting trade shows like ISC West and GSX to see the newest tech in person.

Mostly, I suggest not being complacent. If there’s no security technology that meets your current needs, it’s extremely likely that it’s in development. Keep looking - it’s probably out there.

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