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December 2018 – Top News in the Risk and Vulnerability Industry

January 4, 2019 | 2 min read
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There’s a lot going on in the world of physical risk and vulnerability, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest news and developments. We’ll keep you informed with the best content to keep your organization safe and secure.

Check out the top news and headlines from the past month—including must-read details on the future of healthcare security, mass emergency communication, and major event security.

The Future of Healthcare Security: Violence Response and Emergency Preparedness

Via Security Informed. Over the next decade, healthcare will see important transformations. Among other things, there will be an emphasis violence response and emergency preparedness. Healthcare security professionals will have to deal with a variety of events, from severe weather to violent and active shooter incidents, to terrorist attacks. Here’s a look at the current changes taking place in healthcare security, and what to expect in the future.

Our Take: Hospitals and other healthcare facilities face the challenge of keeping staff, patients and visitors safe, while providing open access to visitors. Patients need to be admitted quickly, without burdensome security protocols. As changes are made to healthcare security, it will be crucial to find creative ways to increase protection while maintaining open access and quality care.

Severe Weather Tops Concerns for Emergency Communications

Via Security Magazine. A recent survey found that severe weather events are by far the leading concern of decision makers responsible for emergency communications and response. The survey also found that organizations are concerned about their ability to alert workforces to cybersecurity attacks rapidly enough to mitigate financial and operational risk. Organizations are turning to innovative mass notification solutions not only keep employees safe, but ensure reliable risk management and business continuity of operations. Get the details here.

Our Take: Employee safety goes beyond cybersecurity and workplace violence. It’s important for organizations to think about how to keep their people safe during severe weather and other company events. A mass communications system can be an important and effective part of your emergency response—especially if you have remote employees.

PERSPECTIVE: 3 Keys to Hardening Concerts, Event Venues Against Inevitable Attack Attempts

Via Homeland Security Today. Plots against concerts and special events will continue to occur at the hands of the full spectrum of lone offenders/homegrown violent extremists and terrorist groups. Based on some of their past attacks, motivations, intentions, and capabilities, some might succeed. It is only a matter of how well security professionals mitigate against these attacks.

Our Take: This is a prime example of how risk changes daily. Risk isn’t static. A packed concert on Friday night carries higher risk than an empty arena eight hours earlier. Think of the dramatic fluctuations that occur over just three days every Thanksgiving—congested highways, empty workplaces, crowded shopping centers, and more. Security professionals should be conducting risk analyses frequently—often monthly, sometimes weekly. Definitely before a major event like a concert.

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