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Turn Awareness into Action with Visual Reports

April 23, 2020 | 2 min read
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The end result of the traditional security assessment process is the written report security consultants provide to your clients.

That document contains everything they’ve paid for: your expertise, your observations, and your specific recommendations for each of their sites. A report should be useful, readable to someone who isn’t in the physical security industry, and should provide suggestions that an organization can act on to keep its employees and assets safe.

Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. Sometimes security reports simply aren’t useful to the client or decision maker. They might be hard to understand; they might simply be the checklist the consultant used during the assessment, or the consultants might have cut and pasted security standards into the report, so that it reads like stereo instructions. The report also might be padded out with fluff information — the square footage of the facility or the number of doors or cameras, for example. None of that information is what the customer is paying for. They want to find out how to make their facilities more secure.

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Making data accessible to the customer

Most of our clients aren’t in the security business. It’s our job to make the data in our reports easily understandable to them so they can make decisions and act on that information. Too often, I’ll visit a prospect and see a paper security report on their shelf. They’ve probably paid $20,000 to $50,000 for it, but have never opened it. So, how does Circadian Risk avoid the assessments done on our platform becoming $50,000 paperweights?

We make our data highly visual.

We use floor plans during data collection so that security data can be visualized and presented to clients. All of that information is compiled into an easy to read corrective action plan. Using the floor plan, we can show clients where a light is out, a door has been left open, or an access control system needs remediation.

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Our reports are also digital, rather than paper reports, which helps clients find the information they need quickly and easily, rather than thumbing through hundreds of pages of reports. This is especially helpful for organizations with more than one site.

Circadian Risk’s platform aggregates the data from more than one assessments into a single dashboard, and lets you, or a client filter the dashboard into specifics: by campus, by site manager, by overdue remediations, or other tags. That way, they can quickly and easily find the information they’re looking for and channel their awareness of their risk into action, making their business much more secure.

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