ISC West Showcased AI, Robotics and Data-Driven Security

By Michael J. Martin | April 18, 2024 | 1 min read
ISC West 2024

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has taken the security world by storm. This is one of the lessons the Circadian Risk team learned when we attended ISC West in Las Vegas from April 9-12.

ISC West is the largest gathering of security technology companies in the U.S. The show is a draw for security professionals who are focused on technology, and we were excited to see that — after a couple of lighter years — there were as many vendors this year as there were before the pandemic.

Spotlight on A.I.

The technology that most grabbed everyone’s attention this year was absolutely A.I. It was fascinating to see all the adaptations of A.I this year. A.I. is being integrated into everything, from smart door locks to A.I.-powered surveillance systems.

Smart objects and the Internet of Things (IoT) were a big topic this year; we saw solutions integrating IoT devices for comprehensive security solutions as well as discussions about what cybersecurity measures should be taken to protect smart buildings.

Robotics is also continuing to have a moment. We saw a lot of innovative work with robotics, including anti-drone technologies, robotic guard dogs, and robotics being used to automate repetitive manual actions.

Security data takes priority over SME opinions

Perhaps most exciting for us was an increased interest in data-driven solutions. For years, the security industry has relied on the opinions of subject matter experts (SMEs) when it comes to assessing risk. However, SMEs’ opinions are subjective, and aren’t always relevant to an organization’s risk.

This year we noticed that many organizations are moving to a data-driven approach, using historical data and organization-specific statistics to drive decision-making. At Circadian Risk, we value the importance of using pertinent data to drive security remediations. It’s the very reason we developed our physical security assessment software.

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