Instantly Combine Multiple Vulnerability Assessments into One Report

August 29, 2017 | 2 min read
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What if you could analyze threat and vulnerability data from hundreds of franchise sites in a single report—instantly? And what if the data were easy to read and understand?

Better yet, what if you could give your customers detailed information about every single issue at every single facility, with corrective actions, in a visual dashboard that they could use to manage their follow-up efforts?

If you’re still using paper-based vulnerability assessments, you can forget about it. But for security consultants who are switching to Circadian Risk’s vulnerability software tool, it’s becoming a reality.

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Is It Possible to Aggregate Vulnerability Reports?

Traditional paper-based vulnerability assessments can’t even begin to aggregate data from more than a few sites. If your customer has 20 or even 500 facilities, the task is impossible. How do you document every broken lock and every burned-out lightbulb? How do you describe the location of each camera that’s out?

Your customers need to know what their problems are, and how to fix them. They need to know how each facility is doing on a daily basis—especially if they’re a franchise.

On top of that, you know that your customers will probably only read the executive summary and toss the report on a shelf somewhere, and never look at it again. So what’s the point of all that work?

Circadian Risk’s software tool gives you a better way to do threat and vulnerability assessments (TVAs). With our app, it takes a fraction of the time to do inspections and reports. And you can aggregate data from all of your customer’s facilities into a single report—instantly.

Here’s how it works.

Instantly Aggregate Threat and Vulnerability Data

With paper, you have to do your interviews face-to-face. This step alone can take several hours, or even days, depending on the facility or company. But with our TVA software, you’ll be able to send surveys to all of the facilities in advance, electronically. Clients can fill out the information at their convenience, and you’ll get to see the data before you even set foot onsite.

During the inspections, our vulnerability assessment tool makes it quick and easy to document every single issue—including precise locations.

Reports are generated with the click of a button. You can make quick edits and draft an executive summary, but the bulk of the work is completely automated.

To aggregate the data from each facility, all you’ll need to do is select the facilities, the information sets to include (cameras, priorities, trends, regions, etc.), and click a button.

The time savings for you is about 85%, from beginning to end. And your client gets a higher quality report with more detail and more actionable items.

Generate More Business

These aggregate reports also give you a unique opportunity to upsell your services to clients.

The assessment tool lets you perform an aggregate report of all your clients to identify common problems. You can filter by region, type of facility, equipment—you name it. You can use the results to target market to the clients that have a specific need. Offer a special deal on your services to solve their problem. You’ll show attentiveness to your client’s needs, and position yourself as a problem solver they can count on.

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