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Why You Should Consider A White Labeled Security Platform

December 19, 2019 | 2 min read
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Imagine you’re about to get on an airplane. You’ve booked a flight with an airline, and you’re getting ready for boarding. But when you look out the window at the airport, you notice that every plane on the tarmac looks the same — rather than the logos and brand colors of the airlines, all the airplanes instead have the names of one or two manufacturers on them. You can’t tell one from the other.

Were this to happen in real life, every airport would be utter chaos: how would the control tower know which plane should go to which gate? How would the ground crew know which plane gets which luggage?

Fortunately, this isn’t a problem because of white-label branding.

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What is white labeling?

White labeling is a capability that allows a user or subscriber of a product to brand it as if the product were their own. It’s why Delta Air Lines’ planes are red, white and blue rather than white with Airbus stamped on the side, and why some generic cereal tastes just like its name-brand counterpart.

In other words, when you buy a product with white label branding, you’re buying two things from the manufacturer:

  • The product itself
  • The right to put your logo on it and use or sell the product as your own

White-labeled products often allow a limited set of customizations; you can add your logo, or your brand’s colors, or add images or text that match your own branding. It’s a capability that’s often offered by software companies.

What can white labeling do for your business?

White labeling offers several advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to offer a product you might not be able to offer to your clients otherwise.

Secondly, if you’ve bought a white-labeled product, you’ve probably also purchased the ability to resell that product to your own clients. You may have the option to resell it and make a profit.

Lastly, branding software as yours is a boost for your brand. If you’re an independent security consultant, the fact that you’ve got your own software will lend your brand credibility in the eyes of your clients and increase your brand recognition. For enterprise businesses, a branded platform makes it easier for your employees to take pride in and ownership of both your software and your brand.

What are the benefits of white labeling for you?

  1. Increased client confidence in your company
  2. Improved impressions to your business which amplify conversions when your client needs other security services
  3. Increased revenue through SaaS subscriptions with your clients

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Build your brand with Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk makes it easy for you to reap the rewards of white labeling. Our white label license allows you to add your logo and brand colors to our product, boosting your brand visibility. We also provide a commission-based approach to reselling that lets you make a commission when your client purchases our software.

Let us help you build your brand today. Schedule a demo, and ask us about white labeling.

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