5 Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of GSX 2023

By Daniel Young, Michael J. Martin | August 21, 2023 | 3 min read
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Are you going to the Global Security Exchange (GSX) in September? If not, you should be. There is no better way to keep abreast of all the new innovation and technology in the security industry than by walking the exhibition floor, testing products, and networking with your fellow security professionals.

GSX 2023, which will be held from Sept. 11-13 this year in Dallas, Texas, is the security industry’s biggest and longest-running trade show, bringing together tens of thousands of professionals from across the security industry, and Circadian Risk will be there (come see us in booth 4459 - you’ll see us right as you enter the show).

We are also pleased to announce that Circadian Risk is presenting a panel this year: Current and Emerging Technology to Optimize and Enhance Your Security Force. In this session, we will discuss the trending technologies that are changing the way security services are delivered. Participants will learn about the history of innovation within the security industry, the issues which have created the demand for more technology, and current technology solutions. We will also show attendees specific issues that were solved with innovative use of AI and other technologies.

How to get the most out of GSX

GSX is a huge event, and it can be overwhelming for first-time conference-goers. So, if you’re planning to head to Dallas this September, here are our five top tips for getting the most out of the GSX exhibition floor.

  1. Know who is going to be there

With so many exhibitors, it can be hard to know which booth to visit first. There are huge companies with prominent booths, but make time to research the smaller startups. That’s often where you’ll find the most interesting innovations. Fortunately, the conference makes it easy for you to prepare for the event well in advance, offering an interactive map of the exhibit hall, and a list of exhibitors. It’s a valuable resource. Check the exhibitors list now so you know who is going to be there, and use the map so you know exactly where they are when you walk in the door.

2. Start networking ahead of time

GSX is an exciting event, but it can also be overwhelming. It’s probably not the best time to make first contact with a person or a company you want to meet. The time to start networking is now, before the conference. This is particularly important because the most cutting-edge companies are very busy at GSX (and just before). If you wait, you may not get an appointment. Reach out now and schedule a meeting.

3. Dress for comfort and safety

GSX is a huge event and you’re likely to be on your feet for the better part of three days. You’ll want to look professional but you’ll also want to be comfortable. Wear clothes you’ll be comfortable in and shoes you don’t mind standing in for long periods of time.

4. Don’t miss the keynotes

There are keynotes planned for each day of GSX, and you should plan to attend; even if a speaker isn’t in your specific area of interest you can learn a lot from them. This year’s keynotes include former President George W. Bush and Radek Sikorski, chairman of The EU-USA delegation for the European Parliament, as well as former CIA officer and FBI agent Tracy Walder.

5. Plan to stay all three days

Some people try to do GSX in one day, but even if you’re only interested in one or two vendors, that’s a mistake. There’s more to GSX than the exhibition. There are also events, parties and opportunities for networking. Stick around and join in the activities after hours.

Take the opportunity to build relationships and network with the attendees — tens of thousands of members of the security industry come to this event annually. If you’re not networking and improving your knowledge base, you’re missing out on the best resources we have in the industry.

Meet up with Circadian Risk

We would love to meet up with you at GSX 2023. If you’d like to book a meeting with us during the conference, click here and fill out our form.

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