Circadian Risk will Be At ISC West

By Michael J. Martin | March 25, 2024 | 1 min read
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From April 9-12, Circadian Risk will be at ISC West, the largest gathering of security technology companies in the U.S. The show, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, is a hub for security professionals who are focused on technology.

What can we expect at the 2024 conference?

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the focus of ISC West shift with evolving technology. Two years ago, attendees were interested in integrations. They wanted security tools that worked well together. Last year, ISC West attendees wanted to consolidate their security tech stack even further. They were looking for a unified security tool that would allow them to view their organization through a single pane of glass.

This year, I believe ISC West-goers will be asking questions about AI. They’ll want to know how AI improves your product offering. How can combining AI and the Internet of Things (IoT) optimize your security force deployment?

A continued focus on AI in security

AI isn't a new topic for this conference. ISC West attendees have been interested in robotics and AI for some time, and the advent of ChatGPT has intensified that interest. Case in point: one of this year’s keynote speakers is technologist Crystal Washington, who will be speaking about harnessing generative AI.

As partners with AITX (Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc.), the owner of RAD (Robotics Assistance Devices, Inc.), we are equally interested in talking about the role of AI and robotics in security: whether it be a reduction in risk, hard dollar savings, or by using AI as a force multiplier.

At ISC West, we’re looking forward to connecting with people who are looking for those solutions and having productive conversations about their security needs.

Interested in meeting us at ISC West?

The Circadian Risk team will be at the RAD/AITX booth (#20131) at ISC West. We’d love to meet with you during the show.

Reach out and book a meeting with us today. Book soon; slots are filling up fast!

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