Use Corrective Action Plans to Boost Your Profits

May 23, 2018 | 4 min read
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Competition in the physical risk and security industry means you’re often competing on price. The lowest bidder wins, and that makes it hard to boost your profits—unless you can churn out more risk assessments each month. If you can establish a deeper level of trust with your customers, you might be able to raise your prices slightly. But in the end, most security professionals are pegged as commodity vendors, which limits their profitability.

Circadian Risk’s physical risk assessment software can change that. Our built-in corrective action reporting equips you to deliver more value, break away from the commodity stigma, and increase your profits with less effort.

Corrective actions are one of the things customers want most but very few security consultants provide. The professionals who deliver valuable, detailed corrective action plans separate themselves from the competition, and establish their businesses as a valuable consultancy instead of just another commodity vendor. So you no longer have to compete on price alone.

In this article, we’ll show you how Circadian Risk’s corrective action plan can set you up for greater profits, with less effort.

But first, let me show you how Circadian Risk’s corrective action plans stand out from the crowd.

Corrective Actions in Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk’s physical risk assessment tool makes it possible to deliver corrective actions in greater detail than you’ve ever done before—while cutting your reporting time by as much as 80%. Here’s how we do it.

Our risk assessment software automatically generates detailed corrective actions for every issue you identify. Not only do the corrective actions provide a remedy for each problem, they also prioritize the issues so your customers understand which ones to tackle first. They can even create a budget, set due dates, and even assign tasks to other users. Our Corrective Action Plan (CAP) is a project management tool, that allows for not just a review of vulnerabilities and deficiencies, but a means to manage those items for greater accountability and remediation.

Circadian Risk gives you a highly visual dashboard that provides deep insight that’s also easy to use. Customers love the digital format, because they can filter the issues they want to see and focus their attention on high-priority fixes.

Need to customize the corrective actions? No problem. You can quickly review each item and make any edits as needed.

This level of corrective action is virtually unheard-of in physical risk assessment, but it’s exactly what customers have been looking for. That sets you up to earn greater profits and start taking your business to the next level. Here’s how.

Greater Upfront Value to Customers

If you’re the only physical security consultant to tell your prospects that your end deliverable includes easy-to-understand, detailed corrective actions they can implement themselves, what do you think that would be worth to your customers?

Security consultants that empower their customers to do something about their problems are incredibly rare. If they can actually get a report that doesn’t just get shelved and forgotten, that’s something worth paying for.

Show your value upfront, before your prospects even sign the contract. Give them a sample Circadian Risk corrective action report, and they will gladly pay more for your services. That means Circadian Risk can actually bring you a greater profit before you even start your first assessment.

Create Follow-up Business

Corrective actions may be the end goal of your risk assessment reports, but they’re also the beginning of more business. Think of corrective actions as a gateway to follow-up business—and profits. They open the door to the next step in doing business with you, because there are certain to be fixes that your customers can’t do themselves.

When you deliver detailed corrective actions, you’re not just empowering your clients to solve their problems—you’re also likely increasing the chances that they will hire you to help them make those improvements. Facilities managers are already busy with their daily tasks and they don’t have the time or the skillset to fix every issue on their corrective actions list.

That gives you the opportunity to save the day. Offer add-on services to take care of the issues they can’t fix on their own. It’s profitable work you can win without the front-end hassle of sales calls.

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Let them know you’re available to help any way they need. Since you’ve already shown more value than any other security consultant they’ve dealt with, your customers will jump at the chance to bring you back for items they can’t handle or don’t have time to deal with.

That equates to a second paycheck with zero time spent on sales. Not only are you generating more revenue, but you’re spending less time and effort on it. Less time on sales means you’ve got more room in your schedule for paid work—or more time for the things you enjoy.

Win Lifelong Clients

Risk assessment clients get irritated when a consultant promises a report they can use, but get one that doesn’t include any corrective actions to reduce their risk. When they find a security professional who gives them the control, information and success they need, you can bet they’ll keep coming back. You’ll be able to build your business on repeat clients rather than one-and-done customers. That raises your reputation and the demand on your services, which puts you in a position to charge a higher rate.

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More Profits with Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk’s detailed corrective action plans will put you in position to start earning more profits, with less frustration. That means the potential for less time on sales, more repeat business, and freedom to charge more for your services.

Stop running yourself ragged as you chase lead after lead. Grow your business and your profits with Circadian Risk vulnerability assessment software.

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