5 Ways You’ll Build a Better Security Business with Circadian Risk

October 9, 2017 | 3 min read
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Building a profitable security business takes two things: more revenue, and fewer costs. Usually, security consultants translate that as: more selling, less spending. And that puts you in a bad headspace of insufficiency. You never have enough, and you can’t use what you’ve got.

But what if you could sell less and have more? Circadian Risk’s threat and vulnerability software can help you build your business by generating more revenue and reducing non-billable costs. In fact, no other tool can help you cut your inefficiencies like Circadian Risk can.

Here are five ways our risk assessment tool can help you build your security business.

More Efficient

Let’s face it. Threat and vulnerability assessments waste a lot of time. They’re incredibly inefficient, and the tasks that take the most time may not be billable. With Circadian Risk, you’ll spend less time on onerous tasks that take much too long.

Circadian Risk can:

  • Reduce your reporting efforts by 80%
  • Automate your most onerous tasks
  • Generate reports in seconds

The application generates automatic reports from the data you capture during your inspection. There’s virtually no writing to do, and you can cut your report time by several hours. That frees you up to take on more billable work or double down on sales.

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Greater Depth

You’re tired of giving reports that don’t really say much. Your clients are tired of reports that don’t really help them to solve their facility problems. Circadian Risk makes it easy to provide deep insights and detailed corrective actions.

Document every instance of every issue—with a fix for it. Instead of a high-level summary of observations, you can pinpoint every entryway, every sprinkler head, and every window frame that’s out of compliance. Use a floor plan, geolocation, and photos to pinpoint the precise location of each problem.

Your clients can have the most secure and most compliant facilities in their industry, thanks to your detailed assessments. And you’ll do it all in a fraction of the time you’re spending on it today.

Partner Program

The Circadian Risk Partner Program gives you incentives and rewards to help build your security consulting business. Our partners get exclusive access to these valuable benefits:

  • Referral rewards up to 50%
  • Distributor earnings up to 65%
  • Services discount up to 50% off
  • Software savings of up to $225 per month

Add-on Service Opportunities

When you deliver detailed corrective actions, you’re not just empowering your clients to solve their problems—you’re also likely to give them more work than they can handle. Facilities managers are already busy with their daily tasks and they don’t have the time or the skillset to fix every issue on your corrective actions list.

That gives you the opportunity to save the day. Offer add-on services to take care of the issues they can’t fix on their own. It’s profitable work you can win without the front-end hassle of sales calls.

Greater Customer Retention

Your customers hate paper-based vulnerability reports. They don’t read them, because they are either:

  • Repackaged summary information that the client already has
  • Too long and detailed to be useful

Circadian Risk gives you a highly visual dashboard that provides deep insight and detailed corrective actions that’s also really easy to use. Customers love the digital format, because you can filter the issues you want to see and focus your attention on high-priority fixes. They can also assign tasks to team members and track their progress over time.

When your customers get their hands on a security professional who gives them that kind of control, information, and success, you can bet they’ll keep coming back. You’ll be able to build your business on repeat clients rather than one-and-done customers.

Build Your Business with Circadian Risk

Circadian Risk equips you to give your clients more value—and that’s a solid foundation for building a more profitable business. Still trying to balance your time between lengthy reporting, endless cold calls and inefficient tasks? Maybe it’s time to find a better way to build your security business.

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