How (and Why) Old School Security Consultants Are Going High-Tech

August 15, 2017 | 2 min read
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There’s not much that shakes you up. You’ve been battle-tested, you’ve seen things, and you don’t shrink away from danger. But when it comes to learning new technology for your risk and vulnerability assessments, that’s one area you’re not rushing into.

We get it. You’ve got your methods and they work for you. Why bother wasting time and energy on learning some complicated technology that just makes you frustrated?


But your paper-based methods are wasting valuable time and making you less attractive to new clients. Those old-school tools are costing you profits and revenue.

But what if there were a sophisticated tool that was quick to learn, easy to use, helped you stand out from the competition and made you more profitable?

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Using High-Tech Tools Is No Longer Optional

The time has come for security consultants to jump onto digital technology. In fact, you can’t afford NOT to adopt new technology. Here’s why.

Your clients expect you to go digital

While you’re relying on paper-based assessment and reporting methods, your own clients are adopting new technologies as quickly as they can. They’re starting to use internet of things (IoT) and building automation systems to protect and manage their facilities. When they hire you to assess their premises, they want to know that you’re at least as familiar with their technology as they are.

Using paper checklists and hard-copy reports raises doubts that you have the expertise your clients are looking for.

Threat and vulnerability assessment software makes you more profitable

Adopting new technologies also frees you from the tasks you hate the most. Sophisticated threat and vulnerability assessment (TVA) tools help automate the painful and onerous work that slows you down. Learning a new tool might take some time at first. But in the long run it could free up enough time for you to bring on another client, without working longer hours.

Or use the free time to enjoy your family rather than working. Isn’t it time you started enjoying the lifestyle of owning your own business, instead of being a slave to it?

Digital technology sets you apart from the competition

While most security consultants are still using paper-based assessment methods, sophisticated TVA tools give you a powerful way to differentiate yourself. For many security consultants, sophisticated technology is a game stopper—they’re not willing to take it on, yet.

But customers notice when a professional uses digital technology. It tells them that this person is at the forefront of their profession and that they’ll provide higher quality service. When it comes down to it, your choice of tools could be the difference that wins a new contract.

And with Circadian Risk, you’ve got the power of sophisticated technology that’s built for non-techie security consultants.

Sophisticated Technology for Non-Techie Consultants

Circadian Risk risk and vulnerability analysis software is the high-tech tool that’s designed for non-techie consultants. We built the app specifically for people who’ve been relying on low-tech methods, so that you can be a pro-level user in no time.

The web-based tool:

  • Walks you step-by-step through the inspection, analysis, and report generation processes
  • Provides a highly visual dashboard with easy-to-use tools
  • Lets you use your own templates that you’re already familiar with
  • Generates detailed reports with corrective actions at the touch of a button

Uncomfortable with new technology? No problem. Circadian Risk’s software is built to empower consultants like you with unrivaled technology and detailed analysis that no one else can provide. See it for yourself—request a personalized demo today.

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